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Hello.  My name is Greg and I collect cards of players that played at the University at Buffalo (most recently 2014 top draft pick Khalil Mack, Branden Oliver (2014 UDA of San Diego Chargers),  James Starks drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2010 and Tom Murphy - Colorado Rockies).  I would also trade for customs of guys that played at the University at Buffalo.

 I trade mainly at Sports Card Forum under the username adcgjh.  I also (attempt to) trade at Beckett under the same username.  I also occasionally trade at Blowout Cards under the username Bowz.

To the left I have links to cards that I have to trade and that I want to trade for.  The condition of the early 1980's cards (<1985) range from poor to excellent condition.  The rest of my cards are mainly in nr-mt condition.

Hopefully, we can trade in the near future!